Signing off on Rank Advancement

There are five steps to signing off on an advancement:

  • Learn the skills needed for the advancement
  • Demonstrate what you’ve learned to a scout ranked first class or above
    and have the scout initial and date the left side of your book.
  • Review what you’ve learned with the scoutmaster or an assistant scoutmaster
    and have the leader initial and date the right side of your book.

    This must be done within 30 days of scout sign-off.
  • See Mrs. McCollum  to review the items you’ve signed off on. 
    Do this often! Do not wait url till you are ready for advancement.
    If you lose your book, you will lose credit for any advancements
    that you have not shown to Mrs. McCollum. 
  • Remember what you’ve learned.
    At Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review, scouts are expected
    to know the skills they’ve learned for that advancement level.